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Winning Scratch Cards

The sites that we recommend all promote that every 3rd card is a winning scratch card! It is a fact that payouts are amongst the highest on the net and a majority of money goes back to the players in prize money and jackpots - payouts can be as high as 95%. In some cases, the maximum payout percentage is 80-85%, for governmental scratch cards for example, which means that it is much harder to win.

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Winning Scratch Cards

Winning scratch card prize amounts differ and you could win anything from £1 to £1000s. The great thing is that on the sites we recommend, the player is given three tries per game so there are greater chances of winning and you get more value for money.

Playing scratch cards online is fast becoming a popular trend and all ages are being drawn to the game. There is far more interactivity online, higher cash prizes and generally greater chances of winning. All of these factors make online scratch cards one of the best forms of entertainment.

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