Read about the best online lottery scratch cards in the UK - play and win instantly!


Instant Win Scratch Cards

The most fantastic thing about playing instant win scratch cards is that you can play and win without having to wait for a daily or weekly draw to take place as with your local lottery. You can play any amount you like in real-time and if you win, you immediately have the money credited to your player account.

With traditional scratch cards, you play and if you win, you have to go back to a retailer to claim your money which can take the spontaneaity out of game play - with online instant win scratch cards, you can purchase any number of cards across a wide variety of games and even select your card price. You will play continuously without interruption from the comfort of your own home and you will learn if you have won around 3 seconds after you scratch the foil panels! No coin needed!


Instant win scratch cards attract a very broad variety of players due to the fact that they are soft games and very cheap and fun to play. They do not carry anywhere near the same risk or skill requirements as Blackjack for example. Now more than ever, both young and older men and women are playing scratch cards regularly online and they simply cannot get enough of them.

If you have been thinking of playing, why not sign up with one of our recommended Scratch card sites and play for free to try out the games. When you move on to playing for real money, remember to claim your free £5! It's free money and you can use it to build your bank balance. Aside from scratch cards you can also play online slots if you fancy a break. If you were at a loss as to what to do in the evenings or how to add some excitement to your life, scratch cards are just your thing!




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