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Football Scratch Cards

There are probably hundreds, if not thousands of Football themed games available to play on the net, but you have not played Beat Brazil! This is one of the most popular scratch cards and thousands of players choose to play every day.

Football Scratch Cards

In Beat Brazil, it's you against the goal keeper in a penalty shoot out! Choose your card price and hit the play button. Scratch the foil panels to reveal the scores and the prize amount. Now, with your football shoe on the ball, you will select whether to kick the ball to the right or the left. Click to shoot and if you score, you win! Each game gives you three kicks and you can win up to £10,000. Test how good a shooter you are and see if you can score your way to riches!

Football Scratch Cards

If you like the Beat Brazil football scratch card, you are sure to love Crazy Ball, also one of the most popular games amongst regular players. Select your card price, scratch the panel at the top to reveal the Champion's score and bowl the ball three times. If you get a higher score than the Champion, you win! Crazy Ball offers players the chance to win up to £10,000 so it's a fun sports scratch card with a very attractive prize.

There are literally so many scratch cards to choose from - register with any of our recommended sites and you will have access to all of them from the lobby. You'll be spoilt for choice!

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Other Football scratch games

For more traditional scratch cards with a football theme, check out World Champions football scratchcard. The World Champions Scratch game has wonderful winning probabilities. The scratch card is very popular and is a greatly admired game. Moreover, imagine the change in your life the prize money of $200,000 can fetch!! Do not waste any further time and embark on your pursuit for the jackpot!



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