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Best Scratch Cards

Some of the best scratch card games are 3WOW, Fairplay. Grand Crown, 7Heaven, Ocean Pearls, Love Birds, Sky of Love, Namaste and The Lost Maya. These are excellent games and with their amazing animation and themes you'll be playing for hours. The 3WOW scratch card in particular, is probably the best in terms of the cash prize you can actually win - £1,000,000! Imagine scratching your panels, playing away and scooping one million pounds! This is the largest prize you can win across all lottery scratch cards.

3WOW Scratch Card

Playing 3WOW is very easy indeed and all you have to do is select three cards, one at a time, and scratch all nine panels. You will also scratch a small box to reveal your multiplier. This is the amount that your winnings will be multiplied by. If you reveal three matching amounts, you win! Play as many times as you like - each card is just £2. You have three tries per card to win!

3WOW Scratch Card Game

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Best scratch cards for women
As a woman, you will probably like most scratch card games but of course there are some that are more appealing than others. Perhaps you're not interested in playing darts or football. For women, we highly recommend Love Birds, The Fairy Tale, Jungle Joy, 3WOW, Splash Cash and Namaste. The graphics are pleasing to the eye and the themes literally take you to another world - true escapism!

Best womens scratch cards

Best scratch cards for men
For men, we would highly recommend all sports and casino scratch card games - Beat Brazil, Gone Fishing, Darts, Crazy Ball, Hippodrome and Splash Cash but we are certain you will love a majority of the games that are featured in the lobby. If you're the romantic type, you might also like Love Birds!

Best mens scratch cards

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